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Thank you so much for your interest in my work! I have put together this guide to better explain my vision for your portrait session. After reading, please feel free to reach out to me with further questions or to schedule.

A little more about me and my style: 

Hello, my name is Alexandria Johnson. I am a PNW native that loves spending time out in nature with my children and husband. Currently, I reside in the town of Granite Falls, WA., gateway to one of my favorite places; the Mt. Loop Hwy. This is where I do most of my hiking and camping. The Mt. Loop Hwy is also a beautiful spot to take photographs. I love Yoga, cats, veganism, music, reading, learning, homeschooling my kids via K12, and so much more.

My love of nature and how it intermingles with my clients is what inspires me the most. Well, this, and authenticity. I aim to create an authentic connection and tend to avoid overly posed imagery. From time to time you might hear me say, "Alright guys, look at me and smile!" But, this isn't my ultimate goal in creating your experience. When you come to a session with me be prepared to be honest, vulnerable, and close to one another. But most importantly, be prepared to laugh and have fun! And don't worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera. I'm awkward. We can be awkward together. While guiding you through your session, I seek ways to meld the emotions being stirred with what nature and the surrounding light has to offer.

I aim to capture the imperfectly perfect, without judgment.

The Experience

A session with me typically take place on location, out in nature or on the streets of your favorite city/town.

I want your session to be all about you and all that love and emotion. Typically, I will read into the family/couple dynamic and go from there. Say, for example, If I feel that the couple is more reserved, I will respect this and will choose to avoid prompts that might make you uncomfortable.

Here are a few tips to remember at our session:

1. Be yourselves. This is SO VERY important. I want you to come to your session with an open mind and heart. Yes, being intimate and loving in front of someone else can feel awkward and uncomfortable. I get it! BUT, the best images happen when you let your guard down and be yourself. Trust me with this one.

2. Be relaxed. If you are stiff, uncomfortable, or nervous, it will show in your images. I recommend making a day out of it. Grab a treat or a coffee before your session. Let your kids know that this is going to be fun!! You don't have to tell them to be good or that they'd better smile for the camera. I find that simply being relaxed and affectionate with them will create a relaxed atmosphere and their personalities will shine! Let the kids play, and I will follow.

3. Stay close to each other. I want you to be touching at all times!

4. Trust the process. I am in control so you don't have to be. "Lifestyle" doesn't necessarily mean that the session is completely unposed. I will capture unposed moments, but they are intentional moments. I will adjust, prompt, and pose if I see something I love or something that I want to change. Please do not worry about how you look. That is my job. Just be relaxed and be in the moment.

5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Do you ever wonder what exactly it is that you should wear for a portrait session? Don't worry, I am here to help! He are my guidelines that will help you to look your best and be as comfortable as possible. 

1. Firstly, go with a style that best suits you and yours. This might mean that you are into boho, country, urban. Any and all of it is good. We will pair your style with a scene and plan colors that coordinate with the natural surrounding.

2. Only ONE obvious pattern per family or couple. There are patterns that I absolutely love and I encourage that, however, you do not want competing patterns. For example, if mom has a floral pattern on her dress, you don't want the daughter to have an opposing floral pattern on her dress as well.

3. Steer clear of bright colors.  Bright neon colors are far too distracting and take away from the real subject, which is you. Wearing something bright brings the eye to wherever this bright color happens to be. In some cases, bright is awesome, say like, a punk-urban session. 

5. No obvious logos or writing. 

6. Shoes matter.  Please do not wear athletic shoes to your session, as these do not pair well with the style that we are going for, which is, timeless.

7. Gone are the times where the entire family needs to be wearing the same color shirt and pants. Please feel free to reach out to me for tips on color coordinating.


After the Session

How long does it take to get my images back?

Well, I carefully go through your gallery and edit as many images as I can. This takes time. Typically, it takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Please note that this time frame is not written in stone and that return times can vary.

How do I get my images?

You will be sent a link to a password protected gallery where you will be able to download your images. Your gallery will be functional for 60 days. If preferable, I can put your images on a USB stick and mail it to you for an additional fee.

For tips on what to wear, click here.

To schedule your session with me, click here.

I will send you a contract. I will ask that you read through it carefully, sign the applicable areas, and then send it back to me. 

Next, you will receive a link for you to pay the retainer fee.

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